Committed to achieving phenomenal results

The Skin inn is Mumbai’s newest skin, laser, hair, and aesthetic clinic.

Founded in 2015 by beautician Marisa Goel, we have treated over 7,000 patients since then.
With a staff of professional beauticians, dermatologists, doctors, cosmetologists, and trained technicians, we offer the best treatment using the latest machinery providing you with unparalleled results.

Theskininn best dermatologist and skin clinic in Mumbai offers following services.

The Skin Inn is a brand new concept: a medi-skin clinic that combines the expertise of highly regarded dermatologists and cosmetologists with the skill of clinically trained aestheticians. We use cutting-edge technologies and the finest medical grade instruments and products. Our approach is gentle and caring, with every treatment customized to your specific needs.

Services on offer are as follows:


Ageing is a continuous process that begins revealing itself in the mid-20s. For many, it starts showing up on the face, subtly changing one’s appearance in undesirable ways. Since ageing is often caused by the slowing down of collagen and elastin production, we provide suitable treatments and solutions that boost their levels, thus reversing the effects of ageing. Unnecessary fat is another indicator of ageing. The Skin Inn is one of the few clinics in Mumbai to provide fat reduction services through the revolutionary US FDA-approved process of COOLSCULPTING.

Skin Brightening

Healthy skin is apparent through its bright and glowing appearance. At Skin Inn, we specialize in skin brightening treatments, obtaining the most desirable skin tones for any skin texture. Skin lightening is important to many. However, unless done correctly, the process can yield unappealing results. At Skin Inn, we bring to bear expert medical oversight on the lightening and brightening processes, resulting in a rewarding and risk-free experience.

Laser Treatments

Another Skin Inn area of expertise is laser treatment. This technology is a skin-friendly and painless solution to many skin problems. Laser-enhanced processes are the treatments of choice for unwanted hair, tattoo removal and laser skin rejuvenation. Our highly qualified professionals use state-of-the-art, best-in-town laser systems to ensure that optimum results are obtained.

Hair Treatments

If you have a hair problem, we have the solution. Our expert dermatologists and tested procedures regularly eliminate or reverse most challenges to healthy hair. The Skin Inn offers the most advanced hair solutions, including PRP hair treatment, hair transplants and more.

Clinical Dermatology

The Skin Inn is a field leader in providing answers to various skin problems. Our advanced skin clinic is equipped to deal with a wide range of skin complications, as determined by our skilled doctors and technicians. From initial diagnosis to sustained therapy and post-treatment care, The Skin Inn has an unrivalled medical reputation. Our proven success rate owes much to the critical attention we give to safety and hygiene.

Why Choose Us?

The Skin Inn is a comprehensive skin clinic providing full spectrum treatment for a variety of skin and hair ailments. An exceptional team of professionals attends to our patients and clients and our results speak for themselves.

Team of Professionals

The Skin Inn’s acclaimed skin care services are led by highly accomplished professionals. Our dermatologists, cosmetologists and technicians prescribe specific packages to meet individual skin requirements. Continuous updation of methods and products by our team ensures that patients and clients of The Skin Inn receive the most advanced skin care currently available.

Experience and Results

The Skin Inn is home to top doctors who are dedicated to providing personalized care. Our team of dermatologists has extensive experience in a wide range of skin conditions including acne treatment, mole checks, skin allergy treatment, and much more. Our experienced cosmetologists provide full-spectrum cosmetic skin care services, including laser skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, Botox, dermal fillers, and more. And we never accept the ‘acceptable’; our sights are trained on ‘best results’ for our clients.

Consultancy Services

A consultation at The Skin Inn is a deep dive into the problem, a scrutiny that goes beyond mere symptoms and investigates underlying causes. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, our dermatologists and technicians suggest the most appropriate treatment, always keeping in mind that every patient is an individual with a unique response system. Treatment is thus tailored specifically to each patient’s skin requirements.


Care is necessary at various levels to ensure that treatments work as expected. Our doctors provide step-by-step advice on post-treatment management and are constantly available for guidance regarding after-care.

When you’re at The Skin Inn, you’re at one of the best-known skin clinics in Mumbai. We offer a complete array of medical and cosmetic services, providing solutions for a wide range of skin and hair concerns. Visit The Skin Inn soon — reward yourself with flawless skin and glossy hair!