About Us


The Skin Inn is Mumbai’s newest skin, laser, hair, and aesthetic clinic. Founded in 2015 by Marisa Goel, we have treated over 7,000 patients since then. With a staff of dermatologists, cosmetologists and trained therapists, we offer the best treatment using the latest medical and beauty equipment, providing you with unparalleled results.


The Skin Inn was started in 2015 by renowned beautician Marisa Goel who has overseen treatments for thousands of clients since 1982. She has participated in several seminars and training sessions including Annual training with Repechage New York for Skin and Body Care and the Alma Workshops in Israel for Laser Skills. She has also conducted several training sessions with Air India for grooming, skin and hair care, as well as given talks at Trade Shows and Exhibitions for the beauty industry in Mumbai.

Marisa Goel has been in the beauty profession for 40 years, continuing the legacy of her mother who founded the salon ‘Serena’s’ in 1962. Besides leading the highly skilled team of beauticians, doctors, technicians and specialists at her salon and clinic, Marisa also plays an active role in treating clients and making sure they get the best possible treatment.

Marisa Goel also wrote a very popular beauty advice column in the newspaper ‘Afternoon’.

The Skin Inn is an expression of these remarkable skills. It is a highly professional clinic staffed by experienced doctors and cosmetologists who are committed to achieving phenomenal results.