GFC Hair Treatment

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GFC Hair Treatment in Mumbai

Hair loss could turn out to be a really serious issue and leave you stressed about maintaining your appearance perfectly well. Gone are the days when you can ignore hair loss and let your charm fade away so easily. At Skin Inn, when you’re seeking guidance for treating hair problems, we get you the most reliable solutions including GFC hair treatment in Mumbai.

Restore Hair Growth

You may already know well about various hair transplants however what exactly would be done by a GFC hair treatment.

What is GFC treatment?

This treatment is considered with treating the scalp with growth factor. A small amount of blood is taken from the person being treated. This blood is then processed to obtain three different parts:

  • Red blood cells
  • Growth Factor concentrate
  • Platelets lacking plasma

The GFC is injected into the scalp. All these procedures are conducted by qualified dermatologists and are absolutely safe. Although this has been regarded as a good way to induce hair growth, there could be several risks that you must know about.

  • Minor injuries to the blood vessels during injection leading to bruise.
  • Allergies caused by local anaesthetics that may be used.
  • Infections due to the needles being used.

We could however help you with the best and highly reliable GFC hair treatment in Mumbai, considering the peculiarities that may prevail and getting you the most dependable services.

Benefits of GFC Hair Treatment

GFC hair treatment has been a new solution for hair regeneration and is gaining popularity. GFC refers to Platelet Rich Plasma which is used for improving hair growth as explained above. Any qualified doctor that may be performing GFC could tell you that there are two major components in the blood which are the Red Blood Cells and growth factors that help in cell growth and clot blood in case of injuries. This is thus good for the growth of thinning hair.

Although there are several more updates and improvements that need to be done with regards to the existing technology, the patients who have obtained GFC treatment have reported great results. Many doctors even predict it as a preventive solution against thinning of hair. Getting a GFC Hair Treatment in Mumbai could be a great decision.

GFC Hair Treatment Cost

No matter what treatments you’re going to get, it is very important to analyse the cost you will be required to bear. Being a relatively new method of treatment, most of the insurances do not cover GFC hair treatment cost in Mumbai. The cost of this treatment could vary considering different aspects, however at Skin Inn we would avail you with the most affordable services and best results with regards to your treatment for hair growth. You can enquire more about these procedures and avail the best treatment with us. The dermatologists here would certainly guide you well.