Hair Loss

Hair loss doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. Using PRP, a minimally invasive procedure, with no recovery time, we tackle hair loss and promote hair growth and thicker hair. It’s so quick and easy, you could do it in your lunch break!

Hair Loss Treatment Mumbai

Hair loss had been a very common problem presently haunting the lives of every second individual for their respective reasons. Lifestyles and stress of course remain the ones to be blamed. However, it is then very important to look for hair loss treatment Mumbai. Well, at Skin Inn , we understand the difference between a hair loss treatment and re-growth treatment and bring appropriate services to you.

You certainly have many different options when it comes to finding a hair specialist, but then there are numerous other things you will have to seek before you finalize any services. We know well that you’re going to depend on us for the most relevant decisions regarding your hair and hair fall control.

Some common Causes of hair loss

  • One of the most common causes for hair fall or hair loss could be androgenic alopecia. It is generally known as male bald patterning. This can be caused due to considerable hereditary reasons or also because of aging. It is said to be treated via DTH, an active hormone testosterone.
  • The female form of androgenic alopecia could be occur due to hormonal imbalances in the body and could also be hereditary.
  • Another cause for hair loss could be Telogen effluvium. It is known to be caused due to stress. Some of its other causes could also be illness or weakness after child birth, pregnancy, weight loss or any other nutritional deficiencies.
  • It could be caused by drugs like anti-cancer medications, radiations or chemotherapy.
  • Patchy hair loss could also be experienced at any considerable body parts where there is hair growth.
  • Hair loss could also occur due to psychological disorders or skin diseases of various types.
  • The different types of hair losses could be determined by blood tests and hormone level tests.

Some Common Ways for Hair fall Treatment in Mumbai

There are numerous different treatments available for hair loss around you very easily. Some of them could as listed below:

  • Medication is the most common way patients seek out of hair loss. If underlying causes for hair loss have been recognized such as any severe diseases, then the medication for the same might be causing such hair loss for the patients. There are mainly two common types of medications that may be allowed: one in the liquid forms and other in the form of pills. Both of them carry several considerable side effects which should be noted beforehand.
  • Hormonal Imbalance among women could be tackled with the help of a healthy diet, appropriate medications and exercise; whatever is the best.
  • PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma injections are also turning out to be one of the most common treatments for hair loss. They consist of cytokines and other growths factors that could fight well against hair loss.
  • Stem Cell Treatment is also one of the commonly preferred modern Hair loss treatment Mumbai. Under this, the autologous stem cells extracted from your fat are injected to revive hair growth at affected areas.
  • Hair Transplant Surgery is taken up by people who’ve reached the later stages of hair loss. This is suggestible when no other medical means could help out. Here the some of the latest implanting techniques are used to revive hair growth. Infection and scarring could be possible side effects of these procedures.
  • Laser surgeries are also preferred by patients and professionals to take a check on hair loss. A low levels laser device is used for improving the overall growth and thickness of hair once its initial growth begins. This is a newer treatment methodology and has to look out to a few more researches.
  • Studies are being done continually for genetic remodeling so that even better ways of hair growth and hair loss treatments could be brought in.
  • Among all PRP and laser treatments are being highly preferred among patients.

Finding Hair fall Treatment in Mumbai

While there are many great specialists spread across the city, you would not need to face much trouble in finding the hair loss treatment that is highly reliable. However, it often gets tricky to understand who will analyze your problem perfectly and bring in the best solution for the same. Being experts, we ensure all the best possibilities being executed for clients at Skin Inn. Here are several considerations that would let you be clearer with your decisions:

  • Past records and reputation are going to be really important factors for knowing the reliability of any specialist you choose. Make sure to take a look at the cases they have handled earlier. Check out their websites, ratings and recommendations and also try to personally contact the clients they had. Discussing issues with friends or acquaintances will surly let you reach out to better conclusions and find the most suitable help regarding hair fall.
  • Look for authenticity and preparedness when you want results that are actually reliable. It is always suggestible to prefer clinics who do not provide with the guidance of general doctors but experts who could look deeper into the matter. Make sure that the experts you are consulting are appropriately experienced and passionate enough about the services they offer.
  • Take look at the array of services and treatments they offer, and analyze whether they actually comply with what you require. Also see that there are the best facilities that you might be seeking for yourself. Further, ensure to do up with various ground level researches and analyze the actual work you would be provided with.

At Skin Inn, we bring together the most relevant aspects that clients may strive for. Top-class services and excellent results remain to be the major focus. We believe in getting highest satisfaction to our customers with regards to problems they have been facing. While you may want the best Hair Loss Treatment Mumbai, we endeavor to emerge as the most reliable team of professionals serving all your requirements. Consult us soon and find out the best of services for hair loss treatment with us.